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Your Digital Transformation with Odoo

If you’re seeking a strategic partner for Odoo implementation, you’re in the right place. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve learned that every business is unique. We’ve successfully implemented systems across various industries. By carefully configuring and customizing the Odoo ERP platform, M7 Group empowers clients to enhance processes, develop new business models, expedite digital transformation, and add value to the organization. We invest time in fully understanding your business, aligning Odoo ERP software objectives with your business goals. Consequently, businesses maximize their investment to achieve the greatest value. Access Odoo Portal.

Overview_ ODOO

Odoo is a business management software that allows companies to increase their profitability and save time by offering a fully integrated suite of applications. Data is transferred from one department to another via the same software, which makes it easier for employees to work, saves them time and therefore increases the profitability of companies using Odoo.

Automate your business processes

Odoo automates your business flows & allows you to focus on important tasks & decisions instead of administration.

Gain comprehensive insights 

Odoo keeps all the information about your operations in one place & generates structured reports for you with just a few clicks.

Control your operations 

Odoo tracks the work & performance of your team in real time and helps you to identify issues & risks as soon as they happen.

Check out our Odoo solution for your industry

The modular architecture of Odoo allows companies, like ours, to expand the system as needs evolve. For this reason, we carefully choose the specific modules we need, and our development team optimizes them, improving processes and avoiding unnecessary complexities.

1. Open-Source ERP

Odoo is an open-source platform renowned for its seamless operation and ability to significantly enhance productivity across your processes.

2. Easy Implementation

Compared to other ERP systems, implementing and integrating Odoo applications is straightforward and user-friendly. Test Odoo trial version now!

3. Is Odoo suitable?

No matter, if you have a small or large business, it is perfect for both of them. Odoo is power-packed with various features and functionalities.

Odoo’s 70+ Apps: Explore some of them



Odoo handles bookkeeping, invoicing, expenses, assets, multi-currency transactions, taxes, and financial reporting, all integrated with other apps.


Odoo's services include project management, timesheets, helpdesk, field services, and appointment scheduling. Integration with sales and accounting boosts efficiency and optimizes performance for all employees.
Human Resources

Human Resources

Apps like Employees, Recruitment, Time Off, and Appraisals optimize HR operations, ensuring effective and efficient employee management.


The Odoo Manufacturing app handles manufacturing from planning to inventory, optimizing production with real-time data and analytics to boost efficiency.


Odoo provides a comprehensive transformation with integrated CRM, Sales Orders, Point of Sale, and eCommerce, complemented by inventory, manufacturing, and service apps to enhance customer experience and reduce costs.

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