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You’ll have access to all the accounting apps at no cost

No extra charges if you set up by yourself

What do accountants value most in accounting software? Beyond enhanced data security, they seek automation to eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors. Understanding these needs, Odoo continuously refines its financial modules to optimize automation, ensuring happier accountants. This module stands out with unparalleled features, offering extensive capabilities, intuitive interfaces, and precise tools. It boosts productivity and creates a seamless operational environment — all at zero cost to you and your customers.


Tap into the M7 Tech Odoo ERP partner program

Use features built for accountants. Run reports, do journal entries, reclassify transactions, and more.

Optimize Your Practice Operations

Send reminders, run reports, track due dates, message clients, and do your own books, too.


Continuous Financial Oversight

Access your clients' records, send run reports, monitor your firm’s deadlines, conduct monthly reviews, and oversee your own records—all centralized in a single platform. Work anytime, anywhere. With real-time access to your client’s books, reconcile, advise promptly, run reports, and support them efficiently.



Odoo for Seamless Productivity

From daily expense tracking to tax preparation readiness, Odoo empowers your clients to operate their businesses intelligently, regardless of their location.




Odoo mobile app
It’s easy for your clients to send invoices, track expenses, and more—wherever they go.




Streamline Your Accounting Processes

See the big picture faster with all your tools in one place and your client data in a single database.

Automate administrative tasks such as managing workpapers and preparing taxes.

Customize your workflow to ensure these processes are tailored to your specific needs.

Accountants handling taxes in Canada and the USA no longer need to log off and log in to switch countries. With Odoo, you can manage both countries’ taxes from the same dashboard, significantly simplifying the process.

Improved Workflow

Isn’t your dream Accounting Firm using Odoo yet?

M7 Tech already does, harnessing this efficient system to simplify accountants’ jobs and lives. Explore how M7 Tech Odoo ERP’s capabilities can help you shape the company you’ve always envisioned and create the accounting firm of your dreams.
Tedious data entry processes will no longer be a tiring experience
With Odoo we eliminate the traditional data entry method practices by users of conventional applications


Ideal user interface

In line with the latest trends in Google Material Design, Odoo interface stands out as the fastest and most cutting-edge, captivating users effortlessly. Considering that efficiency is paramount in accounting practices, it’s guaranteed that this module will excel in serving its customers efficiently.


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