Why pay for dozens of applications when you can get everything with Odoo?

Odoo integrates all your current applications into one place. It’s that easy! 82 applications, Unlimited Supports, Hosting and Maintenance.

Which are the Odoo apps and modules and what exactly do they offer?

There’s no need for multiple software investments: Odoo covers it all! Odoo has an application for every business need. You don’t need to spend money implementing Shopify for your website, and you don’t have to worry about implementing QuickBooks for accounting.

So, why Odoo?

You will get Odoo for increased accountability, efficiency and better reporting. Major industry players such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and NetSuite attempted to cater to SMEs as well as larger enterprises but failed due to:

  • Complex architecture.
  • Complex pricing and higher implementation costs.
  • Lack of flexibility or easy customization.

Implementing Odoo will save you all the additional software implementations and investments, offering you everything essential to manage your business under one system.


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