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Planning to establish a trucking business?

Without any difficulty, begin your career as an Interstate Motor Carrier. M7 Permits will walk you through the steps, handle all of the paperwork, and get you on the road in no time.

Among the requirements to obtain the Canada Trucking Permit are:

Important Trucking Licenses, Permits, And Tax Accounts For Fleet Asset Management

If you are a new company or are expanding where and what your fleet or truck is hauling, it is important to know what documents are needed. This is asset management.

An effective asset management programs includes tracking detailed equipment data used for proper registration, obtaining permits, calculating tax fees, ownership changes, and DOT safety violation measurement.

Beside is a breakdown of individual states or for special hauls: when they need to be renewed, how much they cost, and who they apply to.

Trip & Fuel Permitting

If your vehicle doesn’t have the current IFTA credentials, we can determine and secure the temporary permits needed to travel through any part of the United States or Canada you aren’t currently registered.


Load Permitting When your vehicle is the regulated size or weight, you need an overweight/oversize permit. We specialize in getting temporary permits for vehicles with oversize or overweight loads to ensure prompt and uninterrupted travel.

Route Consulting

Let our team of expert route consultants determine the more direct and cost-effective routes to use on your permit applications to ensure the quickest returns.

Rate Quotes

We understand that load bidding is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry. That’s why our experienced agents use their knowledge of costs that can be incurred throughout the permitted process to help you maximize your profits.

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