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Understanding Business Structures: A Quick Overview

One or more individuals who are 18 years of age or older, is not of unsound mind and who is not a bankrupt may form a corporation under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). Similarly, one or more companies or “bodies corporate” may incorporate a company. These persons are called incorporators. An incorporator (individual or corporation) may form a corporation whose shareholders, officers and directors are other persons, or may serve as the sole director, officer, and shareholder of the company. In addition, an incorporator is also responsible for organizational procedures, such as filing the articles of incorporation and designating the first directors.

Limited liability: potential loss limited to the amount invested in the corporation.
Perpetual existence: corporation continues on after the death of the individual.
Tax advantages: accountants will recommend incorporation once revenues reach a certain point.
Raising capital: the corporate form of business organization easier to raise capital through the sale of shares.

Corporations Canada is the country’s federal corporate regulator. It administers the laws that allow Canadians to create and maintain a corporation under the federal laws governing corporations in Canada. Also, it should be noted that banks and trust companies are incorporated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

Corporations Canada is responsible for the administration of the following laws:

  • Business Corporations Act
  • Not-for-profit Corporations Act
  • Canada Corporations Act
  • Boards of Trade Act
  • Canada Cooperatives Act.
Heightened name protection:

Corporations Canada applies very tough tests before granting a company the right to use a particular name. When a company’s name is approved, it’s protected across the country – a status seconds only to trade-mark protection. (Please note that the Province of Quebec does not currently provide data to Nuans.

For your own protection, if you are doing, or intend to do business in the Province of Quebec, you should search the Quebec corporations database at Registraire des entreprises du Québec as well.

Right to carry on business anywhere in Canada:

Federally incorporated companies can carry on business anywhere in Canada, and the CBCA does not set restrictions regarding the province or territory where the head office is located, corporate records are maintained and annual general meetings are held.


Federal incorporation is often considered a sign of distinction, companies incorporated under the CBCA receive global recognition as Canadian companies.

Excellence in Client Service: Corporations Canada offers high quality service: it offers clients an online service that allows you to send documents, pay fees, and receive documents and acknowledgments back from the Director under the CBCA, via the internet.

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